Standing For Unity in The Days of ‘Us vs.Them’

photo by: Kayla Speid/

What strange times we are living. The past two years or so have been eye opening to say the least, and have shaken everyone’s foundation in one way or another. I sincerely wish to take a moment to send love and healing to anyone and everyone doing their individual best to get by. It’s not been easy. We’re all in this together.

This is the main inspiration and reason for today’s post, to reinforce and remind those who are open to it, that despite how things seem, despite our individual choices and the current narrative being played loudly and on repeat, we are all in this together. There¬† is no Us vs. Them.

Whatever we choose, wherever we are on this globe, I truly believe we are all doing what we can to preserve our health and to take care of our loved ones to the best of our abilities according to our individual capacities, situations, beliefs and values. Take my family for example. Half have chosen to follow current public health recommendations and half have chosen otherwise. I love each member of my family dearly. In solidarity with them all, I have chosen to no longer respond or encourage the asking and subsequent shaming that seems rampant lately, of who has done what. My reasoning is, if I fully trust that each person is the absolute best judge and decision maker as to what is best for the preservation of their personal health, just as I trust myself to be for my own, that is all that matters. If I trust you, and you trust me to do what is best for myself, then the divide ceases to exist. We can support and love each other all while doing what we feel is necessary to care for ourselves. These things are not mutually exclusive.

Then suddenly, the energy that was being expended in defending and attacking each others’ positions and decisions, is now available to focus on other things. Like, what’s next for us all and our families. How do we want to approach this new global reality and what information do we need to decide what is in our best interests moving forward.¬† I feel that progress is more likely from a space of mutual trust and love rather than fear and judgment. There’s no other positive way forward, except together.

the lily and rose

featured photo by: Kayla Speid/

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