I think I understand 
The elements at work here.
The shroud of confusion is lifting 
Like a thick fog being chased away 
By the warm sun. 
I understand the fear & hesitation 
The endless pools of doubt
Bubbling beyond my sight.
I feel the curiosity
The intrigue, and the 
Rows and rows of question marks
Growing like cornfields, ever taller.
I understand the desires and needs 
Hiding, oh so quietly
Not daring to speak up 
Terrified of revealing their hiding place. 
I embrace the concept of time and space 
With open arms and realize 
Magic can happen 
With pockets full of love & patience.
Beyond it all I understand the relief of surrender 
The choice will not always be mine 
That's as it should be 
I can comprehend the theories and hypotheses
Of science & chemistry 
Yet I choose to believe in miracles,
As I believe in You.

 'diagnosis (finally)' by: t.d.b. 

photo: Daren/ 
Their fingers touch
He supports, she holds
With muted sounds of water and wind sloshing about them.
"This is new" she says
He reads the doubt in her
Chocolate brown eyes and
Gently leads her to untrodden depths.
The leaves shimmer and sway
Ablaze in a foggy sky
Scarlet, ocher and saffron flames
Consuming the verdancy and freshness of inexperience.
A thin veil of sterling clouds 
Ripple across the cobalt expanse
As if to say, "we move, we are shifting and evolving, and so are you"
The message transfers imperceptibly
From her chocolate brown eyes
To his fingers
Thru the waves, trees and sky like telepathy.
All nod in silent agreement and change.

'First dive' by: t.d.b.
photo: chris-liu-beers/